Middle Readers Set Sail in You Choose! PIRATES™ App

New game/book hybrid for iPhone and iPad revisits classic format where the reader controls the story
LOS ANGELES, Nov. 27, 2012 — Would your kids rather read a book or play a game? What if they could do both?

“You Choose!™”, the new series of interactive books from Honeybee Labs, has reinvented the choose-your-path adventure book, infusing the classic paperback format with digital magic.  The first title, “PIRATES,” takes readers on a high-seas adventure, where they can design an avatar, play mini-games and puzzles, earn badges, and control the direction the story takes using Honeybee Labs’ own Live Text technology, following an elaborate story that has hundreds of twists and turns – and possible endings.

Best known for their high-profile partnership with Reading Rainbow’s interactive book library, Honeybee Labs aims with the “You Choose!™” series to connect with 8- to 12-year-old readers at a critical juncture in their lives – where they may become devoted readers or not – and to reinforce the idea that reading is fun.

CEO Ryan Modjeski says the philosophy behind the series is simple: to celebrate the possibilities of reading on the iPhone and iPad.  An important part of that, Modjeski says, is creating trust with parents, who want to keep junk apps out of their children’s digital diet.

“As a father and developer, it was critical that we make a product that rejects the models pioneered by Zynga and others, of predatory in-app purchases,” Modjeski says.  “I’ve watched the way some app makers try to exploit addictive behaviors in kids, and we’re taking a stand against it.”

“You Choose!: PIRATES” is available now for $1.99 for iPhone, iTouch, iPad mini, and iPad; a lite version, giving a free limited preview of the book is also available in the iTunes store.!-pirates/id578087985?mt=8

About Honeybee Labs, Inc.

Based in Los Angeles, Honeybee Labs is a digital app studio leading the field in interactive book design for children and adults, including a major partnership in 2012 with Reading Rainbow, creating hundreds of enhanced books for their library service.

Honeybee Labs’ first release, Chasing Fireflies: A Haiku Collection, was the most-downloaded poetry app in 22 countries and won praise from The New York Times, Publishers Weekly and Kirkus Reviews.

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